Enhancing Recruitment Through a Network-Powered Platform

Bountiful project cover featuring a screenshot of the dashboard
Done alongside High Alpha
Client / Bountiful
Role / Product Designer
Year / 2023

Bountiful enhances recruitment by empowering companies, job candidates, and referrers to effectively leverage their networks in employee referral programs.

End-to-end referral management platform enhancing hiring efforts through rewards.

Screenshot of the main admin dashboard
Gif looping through the main 3 tabs from the campaigns page
Screenshot of a scout profile

The product was designed to cater to three different  personas: admins, scouts, and candidates. Admins, or hiring managers, are provided with a dashboard offering full visibility on campaigns, performance charts over time, and candidate applications.

In addition to campaign metrics, the platform enables admins to monitor individual scout performances and track the number of candidates each scout brings, ensuring thorough oversight of the recruitment process.

Mobile screenshots of the Bountiful admin views

Starting a campaign is simple. Admins can easily input job details, craft descriptions, and set rewards, all within a user-friendly interface that ensures a smooth campaign creation process.

The product is designed for mobile use. This is particularly crucial for scouts, who often engage with the platform on mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across all screen sizes.

Screenshot taken from the Scout Bounties page of the Bountiful product
Screenshot showing landing pagers where scouts can go and learn more about the opportunity, as well as sign up

Scouts play a crucial role in campaign success. Their user experience was crafted to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible, facilitating their active participation in multiple campaigns.

Scouts engaged in numerous campaigns can easily track and manage their involvement, while also collecting detailed information on each job post and bounty claim process.

Mobile screenshots of the candidate experience through Bountiful
Screenshot of a landing page from where candidates can apply

Candidates represent the final persona. Their experience is streamlined for ease, ensuring a simple and direct application process through specially designed mobile-friendly landing pages.

These also introduce candidates to the opportunity of becoming scouts. This dual approach broadens the reach of each campaign, enhancing the effectiveness in talent acquisition.

Gif looping through a collection of screenshots taken from the bountiful design system

I developed the first Bountiful design system, setting the visual and functional foundation for the entire product. This effort ensures consistency and facilitates future product enhancements.