App Simplifying the Process of Installing Solar Energy

Glimpse of the design for the EightTwenty app
Done alongside liquidfish
Client / EightTwenty
Role / UI UX Designer
Year / 2021

EightTwenty is a solar company based in Oklahoma City. They empower people with accessible, independent, and sustainable energy.

An app designed to streamline the process of going solar.

Screenshots of the main screens for the EightTwenty app
Components and cards used in the Community page of the app

Traditionally, it takes a considerable amount of time to install solar panels. There's a lengthy process that can put many people off. EightTwenty came looking for a solution that streamlines the entire process, all done from a small device.

I collaborated with our creative director to make the user experience is as simple as possible. My role was to design the user interface based on the already established brand guidelines and prepare everything for our developer handoff.

User Interface foundations for the app
Collection of custom icons designed for the app
List of icons created specifically for this project

Using EightTwenty's brand guidelines, I designed an icon set and added motion to micro-interactions.

Main userflows for the app
Important wireframe screens

The user flows and wireframes helped our team refine the 'new solar project' process. We packed it into eight well-defined steps that provide EightTwenty with necessary information to start.

Once a project is live, users can check their energy performance and goals through simple charts. The rest of the app contains information about solar communities in the Oklahoma area.

Screenshots taken from the interactions guide for developers

I created a small UI kit and interactions guide for our developer handoff. It allowed all teams to sync and created a foundation for future updates.