About Israel Ramirez

Hola. I'm Israel Ramirez, a product designer and Webflow developer from Peru currently in OKC.

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Obsessed with adding easter eggs for no good reason other than for fun.

Process & Approach

01 Understand

I collect all critical information, requirements, and constraints needed to make good decisions later.
There is no point in starting any project without first defining the problem.

02 Design

I explore possible solutions based on the requirements and constraints. The design takes form and through exploration becomes a polished solution that works.

03 Implement

I ensure the design is documented, well implemented, and works as intended. Revisions occur if unaddressed issues appear. Beautiful design is useless if the execution is lacking.

04 Measure

I track the design while it is in use and measure the success of the implementation. Conditions might change and technical problems addressed. After all, no design is flawless.

Web Services

I am on a mission to learn new things and master my craft. These are some skills I've picked up in my career.

Custom Web Design

Tailored to capture your brand's essence, creating functional and user-centric experiences.

Webflow Development

Functional and responsive websites crafted using Webflow's powerful design and development platform.

SEO Friendly

Essential SEO practices to improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic.

CMS Implementation

Seamless integration of Webflow's dynamic content management system for easy content updates.

Interactive UI/UX

Intuitive user interfaces and engaging user experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Web Redesigns

Refresh to existing websites with new look and enhanced functionality for an improved online presence.

Low & No-Code Integrations

Integrating third-party tools and services for enhanced web capabilities without complex coding.

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing support and regular maintenance to ensure your Webflow site runs smoothly and stays updated.

Design Experience

2024 – Present
Runway Financial
Digital Designer
2023 – Present
Adjunct Professor
2022 – 2024
High Alpha
Product Designer
2018 – 2022
UI/UX Designer
2017 – Present
Israel Ramirez
Freelance Web Designer
2017 – 2017
Spark Creates
Contract Designer
2016 – 2018
Orange Leaf
Design Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional things about me. This section will be regularly updated as new questions pop into my head.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. I grew up seeing stunning landscapes and eating the best food in South America. I moved to the US to pursue a career in visual communication and fell in love with design.

How did you get into design?

Like most designers, I started playing around with early photoshop versions. I had a great time using it as a creative outlet. My earliest designs were signatures for an online forum. I loved the feeling of knowing something I created was out there serving a purpose.

Why do you work with Webflow?

Webflow allows me to write code visually. It gives me enough control to do what I want in an efficient manner. Webflow leveled up my design game because it taught me to approach design from a developer's point of view.