Web Hub for Investments, Media News, and Philanthropy from KD

Preview of the Thirty Five Ventures' website design
Done as part of liquidfish
Client / Thirty Five Ventures
Role / UI UX Designer & Developer
Year / 2021

Founded by basketball star Kevin Durant & Rich Kleiman, Thirty Five Ventures is a venture capital firm with more than seventy-five companies across numerous growth markets.

A Webflow website that displays news and updates related to Kevin Durant and Thirty Five Ventures.

Colors used throughout the website
Small typography system for the Thirty Five Ventures website
Full screenshot of the homepage

Inspired by KD's current team, the website uses neutral dark and light tones. The neutral color palette contrasts nicely with the cover images from the different articles featured on the website.

The Webflow CMS collections allow the content to stay fresh and evergreen. Editors can group news articles in different hubs, add them as sections, or turn them into stand-alone pages.

Main mobile screenshots taken from the website
Simple sitemap outlining all the website pages
Homepage slider seen in sketch, wireframe, and final design

The homepage header features a slider that loops through the most recent media or investment articles. It lets users see the most recent updates.

Foundation page desktop screenshot
Screenshot taken from the foundations page over a background picture of KD
Main desktop pages displayed in a grid

Sliders are great at displaying news articles dynamically and in a limited space. Sections are short, and pages become easy to scroll.

The rest of the pages contain extra information regarding Thirty Five Ventures and their Charity Foundation. Check out the live site