Webflow Development for a Venture Studio Building SaaS Companies

High Alpha Webflow development website mockup
Web design by Eric Grzeskowiak
Client / High Alpha
Role / Webflow Developer
Year / 2023

High Alpha is a venture studio partnering with world-class founders to create and fund B2B SaaS companies.

Website developed in Webflow as part of the High Alpha design team.

High Alpha Website Homepage

This project was a significant challenge, involving the entire High Alpha design team. We migrated most content from Wordpress, developing over 20 unique pages and 10+ CMS collections to enhance the site’s functionality.

We added custom features like lottie animations, page transitions, and scroll-triggered animations. To extend Webflow's capabilities, we built custom sliders and side panels to enhance user interaction and overall functionality.

High Alpha website mobile screenshots

The 404 page turned out to be one of the most challenging parts of the project. It was built with matter.js, a physics engine for the web.

It features draggable cubes that dynamically interact with each other, adding a unique and playful element to the site.

The High Alpha website was meticulously crafted using Mast, a powerful and versatile Webflow framework.