Legal Firm Providing Custom Solutions To Those They Serve

DeBee's brand identity project overview
Done alongside liquidfish
Client / DeBee Clark
Role / Brand Identity Designer
Year / 2020

DeBee Clark is an Oklahoma-based law firm working collaboratively to provide options, plans, or solutions built specifically for their clients.

Brand identity proposal that unfortunately didn't survive.

Main DeBee logo lockup over a solid blue background
Steps taken to develop the logo concept
Metallic label pin with the DeBee logo placed over a blue blazer
DeBee's branded envelope and letterhead
Front and back design of the branded business cards
Blue canvas bag with DeBee's messaging

The DeBee Clark team came wanting to redesign their visual identity. Their core belief is that clients are at the core of everything they do.

It was only logical to see the same philosophy reflected in the logomark; while ensuring the visuals matched the brand attributes.

The logomark is an abstraction of the initials D & C with a person element added to the middle. The type choice adds an elegant touch to the logo.

Branded blue mug with DeBee logo printed in it
Branded series of leather notebooks
Wax seal with DeBee's logomark
Render of DeBee's logo over a blue wall
Screenshot of a few pages taken from the DeBee's brand identity guidelines book
Typographical specimen for the brand identity

The logomark and wordmark can live separated from each other, which improves the versatility of the visual identity.

The colors reflect the seriousness and reliability of DeBee Clark, while the typeface choices add the right mix of simplicity and elegance.