Challenge to Create One Logo a Day for 365 Days

365 title over an abstract background
Client / Personal Project
Role / Designer
Year / 2018

365 Days of Logos is a project created to improve my design craft and learn what makes a symbol or mark strong.

Collection of my favorite logos. Tap or hover on a logo to see the grid behind it.

Theodore / Tailor Shop
Nº 365
Chirpy / Greeting Cards
Nº 364
BK / Architecture Studio
Nº 354
Leaf Collective / Tea
Nº 347

I set a few rules for myself to make the challenge manageable. I exclusively used Adobe Fonts and limited the colors black only.

I learned to use grids to bring spacing harmony and fine-tune the details to make each logo look and feel right.

Wink / Skateboarding
Nº 342
Trufas / Chocolate
Nº 335
Banditas / Flooring
Nº 309
OK / Perfume
Nº 308
Vortex / Chillwave Band
Nº 307
Magnolias / Coffee Shop
Nº 297
Pages of sketched logo ideas displayed in a grid

The most challenging part was to come up with daily briefs. I carried a notebook everywhere to keep records of all my ideas and concepts.

Omo / House Building
Nº 286
Duke / Leather Boots
Nº 272
Mia / Artist
Nº 260
Cinnamon / Bakery
Nº 216
Pages taken from the logo sketchbook
Soba / Restaurant
Nº 209
M. Melgrano / Architecture
Nº 186
Root / Clothing
Nº 175
Harvest Bank / Bank
Nº 165
Woodler / Furniture
Nº 160
Dune Rise / Clothing
Nº 138
H. Star / Football Club
Nº 097

In 365 days, I built a massive collection of logos; found on Playbook or my instagram, which contains short descriptions of each day.