Online Store with a Vast Collection of Replacement Parts and Supplies

Overview of the 247 Part's brand identity
Done alongside liquidfish
Client / 247 Parts
Role / Brand Designer
Year / 2021

Operated by Western Equipment, 247Parts is a leading store for Genuine John Deere tractor, skid steer & lawn mower parts, and accessories.

Proposal that unfortunately did not see the light of day.

Yellow packing tape with the different logo variations for 247 Parts
Different layout that can be used to showcase 247 products
Different logo variations and the inspiration used for the logo mark

Western Equipment created an online store where they exclusively sell John Deere parts and supplies. Their goal is to sell parts and products from all brands and manufacturers.

The logo loops through the shape of different screw heads to show the vast collection of 247 Parts. Social videos and digital content can use the same animation in the intro.

Yellow polo shirt with the 247 Part's logo
Sign with the logo in a warehouse fence
The 247 Part's logo printed in the door of a yellow truck
Yellow metallic pin with 247 Part's logo
Front and back of the business cards in a grid pattern
Close up to the branded notebook and business cards
Isometric photo of the 247 Part's notebook
Top view of the branded notebook and calendar

The color palette and the geometrical typeface generate a distinct hardware look and feel.

Product photography breaks the rigid grid patterns used throughout branded materials.

Social media stories showcasing 247 Part's products
Various social media posts